Wyatt W. Underwood

30-Year Industry Expert

Athletic Sports Surfacing Leadership - Product Development - Marketing - Sales Training & Management

Wyatt W. Underwood is originally from Manhattan, New York and attended State University New York where he studied Business and Finance.

Wyatt founded a leading national Sports Surfacing Company in 1992 specializing in the manufacturing, furnishing, and installation of Playgrounds, Playground Rubberized Surfacing, Synthetic Running Tracks, Synthetic Field Turf, and Tennis Courts with offices in New York, Baton Rouge, and Los Angeles.

As a chronological timeline, he began building Synthetic Running Tracks for notable universities and schools. He continued to develop different product lines, started working with prominent clients such as the USTA Tennis Open, and maintained their tennis facilities for 5 years. He expanded his business to the Playground Surfacing Industry, where he quickly became a well-respected industry leader in furnishing and installation of Playgrounds and Synthetic Safety Surfacing Nationwide. His firm established the "Gold Standard" for Playground Surfacing Specifications. This permitted his company to complete more than 450 projects a year. He continued to develop additional product lines such as a Synthetic Grass Safety Surfacing and Athletic Field Turf for municipalities and schools that continued to expand his core company.

Internationally, Wyatt has sourced numerous suppliers in Europe, Asia, Canada, and Mexico. He is an authority on overseas shipping, customs, and other regulatory requirements. He joint-ventured with a prominent British firm to research, design, and develop a Natural Rubber Safety Tile that continues to be distributed across Europe.

With his 30-years' experience in the Sports Surfacing Industry, he's viewed as the "Go-to-Source" in building safe play environments for children. He is a recognized leader who continues to be sought to participate in many well-respected board and committee memberships. To highlight a few, Wyatt is a Certified Playground Safety Inspector by the National Parks & Recreation Association and the National Playground Safety Institute. His firm has participated in over 250 National Parks & Recreation Educational Events. He participated in the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) F15 Committee for Sports Equipment & Facilities Testing. His involvement included being a member of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) F08 Committee for Resilient Floor Coverings and continued to be fluent in its guidelines. He holds membership with the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD), National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), and the American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation (AAPAR).

Wyatt has given numerous presentations and written interpretations to support various clients' requirements in the Sports Surfacing Industry. He has a keen interest in and passion for educating landscape architects, designers, municipalities, and schools on how to build a "Collective Safe Play Environment." He is a strong believer in utilizing essential elements to provide a complete, themed, and safe area for our children to enjoy.

In a recent quote by Wyatt, he said, "I believe all children are entitled to quality playgrounds. I have noticed a marked disparity between the playgrounds found in more economically disadvantaged areas and those found in more affluent neighborhoods. This insight has inspired me to become a strong advocate for all children to have access to quality and safe playgrounds that develop children physically, cognitively, and socially."

Wyatt W. Underwood is an original product developer, educator, salesman, and sales training professional who's proven leadership is rare to find in today's senior executives. Wyatt currently resides in Los Angeles, California.